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The Games and Games Workshop presents, in a theoretical, reflective and experiential way, play as a universal and diverse cultural phenomenon. The course proposes a detailed analysis of aspects of children's play in several Brazilian regions, recognizing their unique characteristics. From the knowledge of universal games, their history and evolution, as well as post-modern games of Brazilian children, it is expected that the educator can appropriate regional repertoires of games, toys and games, including his own and that of certain environments of particular interest. In addition to experiencing games, building toys and games, the educator will be challenged to observe, record and analyze the latent potentials of the various playful manifestations and prepare an intervention proposal aimed at and appropriate to the group of their choice.

Topics to be covered:

- History and symbolism of universal games, games and toys. 
The phenomenon of multiculturalism - repertoires of family games.

- The culture of play: Brazilian games and their influences. Types of play – classifications.

- Play structure. Free and directed games.

- Play repertoires for today's children - Play Map

- Cultural repertoires – children who live in urban, rural, riverside, quilombola, indigenous people, etc.

- *Cultural outing – visit to recreational spaces, squares, museums, similar exhibitions or other regional facilities. Films. Toy market research. Virtual visits.

- Toy studio

- The potential for integral development of play and games. Experience, recording and analysis.

- Universal games studio

- Toy research and the messages behind it – artisanal / regional / industrialized / electronic.

- Adaptation of recreational activities:- by age group: - according to needs, interests, conflicts, skills, difficulties, themes.

- The role of the teacher.

- Playful studio. Play in contact with nature. Parks, squares, public facilities.  

- Cooperative Games.

- Playful studio. Game creation.

- Playful studio.  Dynamics.

Support materials:

The base book for study and guidance will be the 'Games and Games Workshop', already included in the course fee.

- Simultaneous connection option via Zoom platform - access guidelines will be sent to participants before each meeting.
- Recorded option - The recording of the meetings will be available for a limited time between one and another.

Responsible: Adriana Friedmann, Educator and Anthropologist
days and times

Period: 5 online meetings of 1h30 each on Wednesdays from 18h30 to 20h - New dates coming soon

Information  -

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