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Knowing children and understanding who they are, what they live, feel, how they behave and how they are affected by their surroundings and relationships with adults and other children is a starting point for thinking about proposals aimed at them; whether at school, in the family, in the city or in other social facilities.

We start from the assumption that 'entering' children's lives is a very delicate movement and must be undertaken in a very respectful, responsible and ethical manner.

The idea is, based on the profile of the group of children and/or institution of interest, to offer guidance in the process of listening and observing children.

The participation of interested parties also implies studies/training, reflections and permanent exchanges on the topics and groups researched.

Responsible: Adriana Friedmann, Educator and Anthropologist

Period: The duration of the orientation of the listening processes of each group can last from 3 to 6 months.

Days and times: 2 monthly meetings of 2 hours - to be arranged

Discounts for public school educators and groups

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